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DumpItBlue+ - Scrolling

This function will scroll the page or the scrollable area to display additional content. It can scroll:

You can set a limit to the scrolling or you can stop it manually by pressing the Stop button. You can limit the scrolling using a counter. With a counter, the page will be scrolled a specific number of times.


DumpItBlue+ - Dumping
DumpItBlue+ - Dumping All albums

This function will dump the selected elements from the current page. When dump is finished, results appear in a new tab as a table. The new tab may be saved as HTML, printed to PDF or copied to a spreadsheet. If the selected option is about profiles, you can add two more columns: Profile image and current page URL. Actual dump options provided are:


DumpItBlue+ - Show_Hide

This function will hide/show parts of the page. Actual options provided are:

You must know that if you scroll after using this function, you may have to use the remove function again. This doesn't apply to the top bar.

Isolate scrollable

DumpItBlue+ - Isolate

This function will isolate the scrollable area on the page, so you will be able to print it. Scrollable area may be different based on the current page you are. When you open the DumpItBlue+ popup, it will try to determine the current profile type. Supported scrollable area are:

Even after been isolated, the scrollable area is still... scrollable! You can use the showing/hiding functions.


DumpItBlue+ - Others

Other functions provided by the DumpItBlue+:

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