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Le-Tools.com provides open source softwares that have been created for investigators, IT analysts and researchers, but they can also be usefull for anyone.


Google Chrome Extension. Complement to DumpItBlue tool.


RDP-Parser extracts RDP activities from Microsoft Windows Event Logs.


ConvertShellcode takes shellcode as input and disassembles it in a list of instructions in assembly language.


To install all the tools of the XL-Toolkit, you should follow these instructions.


XL-Parser provides a bunch of functions for data extraction and analysis. It also provides web log analysis features like a tool for detection of suspicious activities.


XL-Whois is a tool to gather whois information on domain names and IP addresses. It stores the responses into a database that can be used with other tools of the XL-Toolkit.


XL-Tools provides a bunch of functions for list of strings like sorting, converting, replacing, date and time utilities, etc.


XL-FileTools provides a bunch of functions for files like filtering, listing, copying, moving and renaming.


XL-ParseMails provides some functions to analyse emails.

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