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The XL-Toolkit consists of four tools: XL-Whois, XL-Tools, XL-Parser and XL-FileTools. Each tool can be installed and used independently of each other. So why a toolkit? The main reason is the sharing of databases:


Install instructions

Except for XL-FileTools, all other tools provide automatic configuration when they are used for the first time. To leverage this and avoid problems, you should follow instructions below and install the tools in the same order (see the video at the bottom of this page):

  • 1 Download the tool
  • 2 Install it using default options
  • 3 Start the tool and use autoconfig with default options: See documentation.

Thanks to Cyber Security Institute for making this video!

At the end of the process, you should review settings for each tool. You can change some settings like timezone or language. If you have problems, you can Contact Author or use the Forum.

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