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What is it

XL-FileTools provides a bunch of functions for files, grouped in three categories:

Category Functions
List There are two types:
  • List of files produces a tab of informations about files that can include full path, path, filename, file extension, file details (size, last accessed or modified date), hash value (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512), count duplicates, list of members (xls(x) and zip), number of files (folders or zip), number of lines (text files) and number of pages (doc(x), xls(x) and pdf).
  • List of extensions enumerate and calculate the number of extensions in a folder.
Copy/Move Copy and move the selected folders and files. Duplicates (based on the MD5 hash) can be excluded. The most interesting thing about using XL-FileTools to copy or move files is filters. Filters can be used with any function, but copy and move would be worthless without it. You can filter by file size, last accessed or modified date, using a keyword or regex. You can also combine and use multiple filters.
Rename There are three types:
  • By hash simply renames file based on the calculated hash value (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512). Extension may be preserved or not.
  • By sort applies a sort to a list of files before renaming them with an incremental value. There a lot of options for type of sort and type of incremental value.
  • Replace-By can be used on filename or folder name. You can use keyword or regex.

Another interesting feature of XL-FileTools is preview mode. You can see what's gonna happen before doing it for real. See documentation for more details.



Version History

Version Comments
  • In File Filters:
    • Only Folders can now be combined with other filters.
    • You can filter by creation datetime.
    • Filters can be moved up and down in the File filters window.
  • In List files, you can now select creation datetime in File details.
  • In List files, you can now select SHA1-32 bits in Hash values.
  • In Rename by sort, you can now sort by creation datetime.
  • Autofilter and freeze top row are now automatically set for XLSX reports.
  • You can now create a new folder in the Destination directory dialog box.
  • When function was listing with Only Folders filter and Path option, the process button was disabled.
  • When function was listing with only Full Path option, there was an extra column in the report.
  • Use lowercase and Format file size options were not applied when using List function.
  • Update and autoupdate for the tool may not work properly.
  • In List Files, new include options:
    • Path
    • Extension
    • List of members (For xls(x) and Zip)
    • Number of files (it now support zip archives)
    • Number of pages (For doc(x), xls(x) and PDF)
    • Tip have been added on some options to give some informations.
  • Added Open user dir in Settings window.
  • There was an issue when changing timezone in Settings window.
  • There is new Count option in List files.
  • It is now possible to set and change the local timezone in Settings.
  • There is a new Format file size option in Settings.
  • The XL-FileTools version is now inserted in metadata for XLSX and HTML reports.
  • All report formats (HTML, XLSX, TXT) are now supported for List extensions.
  • In List files, File Details were empty when Full path was not selected.
  • There was an issue with daylight saving time changes for last-accessed and last-modified time. Erroneous values were read from system. This problem occured with NTFS volume and if the computer was set to "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" (which is the default setting).
  • File Filters are now in a separated window with some new options like saving and importing a list of file filters. The saved file filters can be shared with XL-Parser.
  • Function section has been modified to include sub-tabs for each function.
  • In List files, file details (size, last modified, last accessed) are now also apply to folders.
  • In List files, there is a new Number of files option.
  • For List extensions, you can now add a minimum and a maximum length.
  • In Rename by hash function, you can now exclude duplicates and remove extensions.
  • Rename By Sort options are now in main window.
  • In Rename by Sort function, you can now remove extensions.
  • Headers in filters was not displayed at startup.
  • Autoupdate was not working correctly.
  • Filter section has been rebuilt to support multiple filters.
  • Report format for List Files: TXT, HTML, XLSX.
  • In [List], a new "browse in explorer" button for report folder.
  • In [List], a new Hash values option window.
  • In [List], new hash functions: SHA256 and SHA512.
  • In [List], a new File details option window.
  • In [Rename], new hash functions: SHA256 and SHA512.
  • In Settings windows, a button to open the log.
  • Only one input textfield in Input section.
  • SHA1 hashing wasn't working correctly.
  • Contains filter didn't work correctly.
  • When no report dir selected, Process button was enabled.
  • Now, XL-FileTools comes with an installer.
  • Documentation in now online.
  • Regex validation
1.0 First release.


To translate XL-FileTools to other languages:

If you translate the tool and you want to share, contact the author.

Available translations:

To install, save the appropriate Lang.ini file in the default folder of the tool (if you used the installer, it should be AppData. Otherwise, it's the same folder of the program).

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Copyright (c) 2016-2019 Alain Rioux (le-tools.com)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.



Source code is hosted on SourceForge and GitHub. Binaries are hosted on SourceForge.

Filename MD5 SHA256
XL-FileTools 4.3 Setup.exe 5608aa079e2f4dc46c46bf9a0316cf45 3eb838a54aa025461454d87ea2c0f0ca813a72231293b71912ed3cbb5f80dee7
XL-FileTools 4.3.zip b0fa2169cd4a0a7c42762319525d305f 9ce7d318e8686071ba4a42a5c6137308698126b3d35f6192f4f11b6d72c5de28
XL-FileTools 4.2.2 Setup.exe 04717dc058a40ebf18a5fa6f62ccb692 422546e8724ee15ebd90d8c0a6aae50f7d98c5ed8afb1200447251b95911e1c5
XL-FileTools 4.2.2.zip 9b54aa8fc0cbfdf1646a14055e16ae8c 20dd64dbf38e43d37a591ac3230c86baae80c52be382a43e06739a5ec90c0fcf

Download XL-FileTools

If you want to download the standalone version or an older version, check on SourceForge.

If you install many tools of the XL-Toolkit, you should follow these instructions.

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